Requirements of the Registered Testing Pool, including whereabouts and the use of ADAMS

Борьба с допингом

The Whereabouts system allows the National Anti-Doping Organization and other testing agencies to test some athletes with no advanced notice. For those athletes who are included in the NADAT Registered Testing Pool/ NADAT Testing Pool, it means they must submit their whereabouts to the ADAMS (Anti-Doping Administrative Management System)!

Remember: athletes can be tested at any time, any place. 

If you are asked to provide Whereabouts information and do not do so, you risk receiving a Whereabouts Failure and a ban from sport.

What you need to know about Whereabouts:

  • If you are in a Testing Pool you must provide your quarterly Whereabouts information in ADAMS by 23:59 on:

15 December (Q1),
15 March (Q2),
15 June (Q3), and
15 September (Q4).

  • For athletes on the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), you must provide the following information:

    Overnight accommodation
    60-minute timeslot
    Regular activities, such as training, work, or school
    Mailing address
    You must provide all the above for athletes on the Testing Pool, except for the 60-minute timeslot.