Principles and values associated with clean sport

The Central Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization

The principles and values linked to clean sport aim to up hold the integrity of sports by promoting respect for rules, fellow competitors, fair competition, a fair playing field, and the significance of clean sport on a global scale. Anti-doping programs are designed to safeguard the health of athletes and offer them the opportunity to pursue excellence in a purely natural manner, without resorting to the use of banned substances or methods. These programs also strive to preserve the integrity of sport by emphasizing respect for rules, fellow competitors, fair competition, a level playing field, and the value of clean sport to the world. 

The spirit of sport encompasses the celebration of the human spirit, encompassing both the physical and mental aspects. It represents the very essence of Olympism and manifests itself through various values associated with sports, such as promoting health, ethical behavior, fair play, honesty, athletes’ rights as outlined in the Code, striving for excellence in performance, character development, education, fun, joy, teamwork, dedication, commitment, respect for rules and laws, respect for oneself and others, courage, community, and solidarity. The spirit of sport is epitomized by playing genuinely and authentically. Doping stands in direct contradiction to the spirit of sport, which is why athletes are strongly encouraged to #playtrue. 

The principles associated with clean sport revolve around the concept of integrity, which entails being honest and demonstrating unwavering adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Respect plays a fundamental role in clean sport as it involves considering and valuing other individuals and their lives, displaying compassion and empathy towards those around us. Responsibility entails having control and being accountable for oneself and others. Athletes, support personnel, and other groups involved in sports bear the responsibility of familiarizing themselves with their rights and obligations outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code. 

Athletes and their support personnel must take responsibility for their performance, as well as their conduct on and off the field. Fairness is a crucial element in clean sport, characterized by treating individuals equitably and justly. The principles associated with clean sport align harmoniously with the “Spirit of Sport.”